Choose the best for your website!

-What's the difference between a common website and a succesfull website?
A modern and neat graphics, an easy layout and always updated news and it must work well all the time!
Your website needs an affordable server, efficient and fast.

-Is it important to verify the UpTime? (the average time that the server was online)
It is really important to study the Uptime of the previous years to see what's the real operativity of your website, however
It's impossible to foretell the future Uptime of the servers due to hackers and general blackouts.
Our 99,99% represent a record for the european connectivity.

This is what Servermac offer to its customers: a server that always work, automatic procedures, no email problems and the notice for the expiration of the domain. An included free assistance will be ready to answer you in a really short time via telephone, email or chat.

All our websites also have anti-spamming filters on efficient servers (they filter the 98% of unwanted mails), in-out antivirus filters and webmail. You will be able to see your mails from every internet-point of the world.

Give your website the best, transfer it to ServerMac: you will see the difference!